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Many people simply do not understand the importance of a good domain name.  If you are running a website, not only will your domain be prevalent in the internet world, but in print as well.  It acts as your identity, and is an integral part of any branding strategy.  If you have made the decision to try and establish yourself online, taking the time to find a good domain is an absolute must.
What makes a good domain?  The following tips should sum it all up for you.
A domain name isn’t serving its purpose if no one can remember it.  Sure, it would be ideal if everyone bookmarked their favorite websites, but the fact is that most people do not.  For this reason, it is best to choose a domain that resonates and makes an impact.  Avoid complexity by keeping the name straightforward and easy to remember.
Short and Sweet
While the experts say that a good domain should be no more than 20 characters long, 10 is even better.  Having a long domain name will only complicate matters.  Short and sweet is the key here because if you go over the 20 character mark, you could end up burying yourself in the deep dark corners of the web.
When choosing a domain, try to stay away from names that are difficult to spell.  Many people are not good at spelling, thus, if you pick something more complex, your potential visitors could end up at a competitor’s site.
Be Unique
A good domain name is one that is unique, very descriptive and tells a story in just a few characters.  What this means is that the name should instantly strike a cord with visitors and potential customers by giving them an idea of what to expect.
Source: Webhostinggeeks

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